For whom is the SUPcross

Companies who are interested in buying SUP inflatables are hotels, campgrounds, water sports companies, operators of floating inflatable children’s parks, rental of pedal boats and jet skis, SUP landlords and companies who organize team building events.

Boost up the SUP experience!

The companies that already operate or rent SUP’s are deeply intrigued by our SUP inflatables and they are a great addition to their product range. Having these inflatables will set you apart from your competitors and you will be able to offer your customers a whole new, exciting experience! Please read further for the testimonials of the happy owners of a SUPcross park.

If there is one example where SUP inflatables are in full justice, then one would find it in team-building. There is no better place to use sup-inflatables other than at team building events, where colleagues have to work together in a challenging environment to achieve the best results. Through the good times and the rough times, together we can get through anything!

Companies that organize corporate parties, promotional events and team-building events are jumping at the chance to organize SUP boarding with our SUP inflatables. It is expected to expand to leisure resorts, restaurants and water sports sector. They will absolutely follow this example in the foreseeable future!

Testimonials of our clients

Here you can view some videos of early adopters who have already discovered this trend: