SUPcross testcases

A unique experience

We have developed different types of SUP obstacles, which will enhance the skill level of any SUP enthusiast. Whether you are new at SUPing or you consider yourself a pro, our inflatables will intrigue you and your friends! This new type of SUP experience is unique to the world and we’ve only just started to sell these in Europe. Be the first company in your area to offer this spectacular manner of enjoying the water, while improving both your skills and confidence.

SUPcross testcases – how to upgrade your rental business

Early on in 2016 we did some trial runs in 3 different locations. It turned out that with our SUP obstacle courses, people stayed out on the water 78% longer than they usually would. These amazing stats lead to more revenue for the locations that rent out the SUPs and offered this unique inflatable SUP obstacle course. The number of returning customers increased 145%, meaning that more people were coming back to the venue, compared to when the venue didn’t have our SUP obstacles.

Experienced SUP’ers appreciated our obstacles, because it was a totally new challenge, which required them to use their skills and acquire new ones in order to complete the course. Make it competitive by challenging your mates!(We are calling it the timed challenge!) Furthermore, challenging the SUP obstacles is like a full body workout, which is also a big plus for experienced people.

Less experienced participants and first timers told us that they valued the obstacles, because it was more enjoyable than just paddling without a goal and that it greatly spiked their confidence and improved their skills creating a well-balanced activity!