SUPcross, the concept

SUPcross – an inventive hybrid

The SUPcross concept was created to close the gap between SUP and Crossfit.

Years earlier SUP yoga had attracted an entire new group of SUP lovers, who had never really thought of SUP until they discovered SUP yoga (a challenging form of Yoga while balancing on a paddleboard).

The origins of the SUPcross concept

More and more people find SUP to be an awesome full body workout, which adds an important, and fun, dimension to their regular fitness- and crossfit workouts. Though SUP on itself can already be a real exercise, an elite group of athletes took this even further by conquering waterways, wild rivers and oceans in competition form, called SUP racing.

In times where prime time TV is dominated by the Kardashians and other reality pulp, activity game shows like American Ninja Warrior, Wipe out and the Reebok Crossfit Games are a welcome treat and remain hugely popular. These TV programs show an important trend: fitness is everywhere and it’s blending with fun and entertainment! Viewers sit on the tip of their seats for these activities that show real (unscripted) competing athletes, spectacular activities and surprising developments.

That’s why Roland Baks, the inventor of the supcross concept, reached out to some of the most influential professionals in the SUPrace and fitness scene. Some SUP world champions came up with great ideas for particular obstacles. Approached personal trainers and crossfit instructors confirmed the increasing popularity among their clients of stand up paddling as an addition to regular crossfit and fitness training. A concept was born, and with the support of the SUP community, it’s champions and other professionals, new SUP obstacles were developed and tested in order to create the most spectacular and fun SUP obstacles possible.

SUPcross parks and obstacles make for a fun and challenging environment for standup paddlers to improve skill, balance and endurance. Because of the big variety of obstacles it’s easy to adjust any SUP park or to specifically design it for SUP race practice, personal training or recreational use.