Stand Up Paddle Boarding

How it all began

SUP stands for stand up paddle boarding and it has been an indispensable part of water sports since 2008. SUP originates from Hawai (where else!) from before the second world war though. It really took off big time after several Hollywood stars such as Matthew McConnaughy, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Lance Armstrong, were captured on paddle boards by paparazzi and those photo’s distributed in the entire world.

The Fenomenon of the Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding has literally exploded in recent years, with tens of millions of people regularly enjoying SUP. There even are SUP tradeshows, SUP magazines, SUP blogs and SUP clothing companies. Nowadays no vacation destination would dare not to offer stand up paddleboard rentals. Where they once only offered Jet-ski’s, banana boat rides and canoes, now paddle boards are the most sought after attraction.

Not only holiday seaside destinations offer opportunities for renting SUP’s, you can also find them inland near lakes, ponds and puddles. Watersport centers are for good reason increasing their supply and are often leaning towards renting more stand up paddle boards than anything else.

Stand up paddle boarding is easy to learn and requires no special skills or athletic talent. It is an accessible leisure activity that is suitable for young and old. Although SUP can be physically challenging, it typically is more about balance than physical strength, unless you’re SUP racer of course. In many recreation areas and even in large cities, SUP communities are rising up where like-minded enthusiasts together have SUP gatherings and SUP tours. The latest trends improving the overall popularity of SUP are SUP yoga, SUP races, SUP fitness and of course SUPcross!