SUPcross try out

June 7, 2017

Last weekend we had an amazing try out for SUPcross in the USA. Mr. Troy Davis of Waterside Sports LLC had invited us to be part of his amazing Bambu Bash SUP event at Lake Belton, Texas.

The was the first time the SUPcross prototypes were tested ‘in the wild’ and in front of an actual audience of paddleboard fanatics. After the SUPcross obstacles were shipped by air to Texas, to arrive in time for this great event, our US partner Ryan Fullerton and the lovely Hannah handled everything perfectly on site.

Many SUP enthusiast have tried SUPcross during the SUP derby and we were extremely happy with the positive respone they provided.

We are going to keep making improvements and new models will be developed as well. Some exiting news in this department will follow soon.

Right now we’re gearing up for the official launch at the 28th of June. This promises to be spectacular, based on the feedback we’ve received after BAMBU Bash last weekend.

Not only will the SUPracing champion Mr. Connor Baxter come to Holland for this official launch, there’s another superstar coming as well. We’ll  reveal his name shortly but you will definately know him from the magazines, TV and the internet.

A big shout out to Troy Davis of Waterside Sports LLS, Ryan and Hannah Fullerton (you can find them online at, Brandon Punzalan, Jim Berry, Linda McCoy and all those others who helped out in such a great way with this first try out for SUPcross. Thank you all!


Supcross’ winner Linda McCoy during Bambu Bash 2017

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