SUPcross is now live

February 25, 2017

After many months of developing and working really hard we are proud to show you the Beta-Version of the new website.
Launching a new concept is always exciting, but in this case it was extra special because we went all out with some of the features, like the unique 3D park builder. Every visitor can create his very own 3D Standup Paddle Board park in under a minute.

3D SUP park builer

Even though the SUPcross concept itself is new to most people, the 3D park builder was something that has never been down before, not even in other industries. We have tested and tweaked it for months and months, and we believe it’s almost as good as it, gets given the current state of technology. It’s best used on laptops or PC’s because of the need for a big screen and the amount of processing power this 3D technology requires.

Help of the SUP Race community

The initial feedback is overwhelmingly positive and we are confident our inflatable SUPcross parks will soon take their place in the SUP community and global SUP Race scene. We couldn’t have done it without the awesome and generous help and advise of so many kind and helpful industry professionals and SUP lovers.

Special thanks to…

Many people have helped us and played an important role in the development phase of this concept and provided invaluable tips, help and feedback. So a big thank you to those without whose help we coudn’t have done it:

Connor Baxter, Zane Kekoa Schweitzer, Michael Booth, Sonni Hönscheid, Paolo Marconi, Susak Molinero, Martin Letourneur, James Casey, Jeremy Cassends, Brody Welte, Lynda Cubelo, Ryan Fullerton, Allie Brown, Dinand Roode, Brandon Punzalan, Troy Davis, Matt Kearney, Fiona Wylde, Scott Stahley, Edgar Peternell, Casey Gotcher, Cheryl, Uwe, Ben, Fabian, John and so many others.

If you have any questions, comments or tips, we welcome those, so don’t be shy and be part of the evolution of the Stand Up Paddling!

Roland Baks

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