SUPcross launch

July 6, 2017

SUPcross launch with Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer

After years of preparation and development, SUPcross has finally launched. We were so proud to have the #1 ranked SUP-racer Mr. Connor Baxter as well as his childhood friend and Ultimate Waterman 2017, Mr. Zane Kekoa Schweitzer, with us on this special day. They had the honor to be the first to actually try out the revolutionary SUPcross concept. Both superstar atlethes came all the way from Hawai to be part of this unique happening. After months of planning we eventually found a date that both of them could squeeze into their busy race- and trainings schedules.

These guys have really seen and done it all. They travel all over the world and it’s nothing short of incredible to see them dominate so many surf and paddle competitions. But even for these guys, who truly are on top of their game, nothing could prepare them for what they experienced last week. SUPcross is a crazy fun combination of american ninja warrior, spartan and standup paddling. Not only did these seasoned pro’s loved the SUPcross concept, we could hardly get them of the track when it was finally time to go!

SUpcross launch

Connor Baxter and Zane Kekoa Schweitzer at the SUPcross launch


The weather could have been much better, but fortunately there was a 30 minute window when the rain stopped and gave us the opportunity to shoot some photo’s and video’s with these wonderful professionals. Once we’ve edited the footage, we’ll make them available to you on our website and social media channels!

Zane and Connor created an awesome and energetic show at the SUPcross track, like only they can do with their crazy energy. After some initial races between the two of them, all other VIP guests were invited to try to take them on. Needless to say that nobody was able to keep up with these awesome paddlers, although Martijn from Starboard Benelux came really close. Once again Zane and Connor proved that salt water runs through their vains and SUPcross ist just another discipline their talent covers. For the rest of us mortals, it was just a wonderful sight to see these guys jump over obstacles so easily, duck for swinging SUPcross bags and manouvre through corners and hidden ambushes.

Despite the weather we had enough die-hard fitness and SUP enthousiasts coming from all over Holland attending the launch and trying the SUPcross concept. Even the fitness and crossfit guys, without any previous experience with SUP, tried it and instantly loved this exhausting but extremely fun, full body workout. This proves that SUPcross isn’t only for trained SUP-racers or pro surfers, but just as well for the recreational paddler or fitness addict looking for a change of scenery.

Thanks to Annae (Connors wonderful fiancee and manager) and the amazing Jennifer (Zane’s business brains) the entire SUPcross adventure was shown live on Instagram. This immediately created a wave of enthusiastic response and inquiries. Based on the enthusiasm of all attendees, the feedback online and the number of direct inquiries, I am confident that SUPcross will create a new space within the SUP and fitness community in the next 12 months!

We thank Starboard for their support and endorsement on this special day. We owe both atlethes a lot for coming over, trying SUPcross and endorsing it. Last but not least we thank all guests that showed up for their participation, feedback and positive vibe. It was awesome to see SUPcross finally come to life but we are only just getting started.

Stay tuned!

Roland Baks

SUPcross launch

Zane Kekoa Schweizer, Connor Baxter and Roland Baks


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