About You

About you and the SUPcross

You’ll probably know the SUPcross obstacles from the many SUPraces around the world, or you’ve seen pictures of it on social media. But it’s not just SUPraces for SUP athletes that successfully use our SUPcross inflatables.

How to boost up your business?

The majorities of the SUPcross parks are purchased by hotels, waterparks, campsites and SUP rental companies around the world. And what about you? Even though our parks are ideal for people who love fitness or who race (semi) professionally, many of the users just want to have a good time during their time off or holiday. SUPcross is about you, your business and the pleasure of your customers.

Because of their size, and installation process the bigger SUPcross parks are placed permanently at fixed locations, or remain there at least during the entire (tourist) season. Recreational use will probably remain the biggest source of revenue, but in time groups of SUPracers, Crossfit adepts and personal trainers will be responsible for bringing more and more users to these parks.

SUPcross is the future of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

If you already rent out paddleboards or operate some other type of water sports center (surfing, jet skis, kite surfing, kayaking) a SUPcross park could be the ideal addition to attract more users, and just as important, keep them engaged longer! Since most paddleboards are rented per hour (or 30 minutes), every minute the customer stays on the water longer means more revenue for you.

Besides the fact that your customers will stay out longer if you operate a SUPcross park, they tend to come back more often as well. And as a bonus you’ll attract a total new group of users that wouldn’t normally rent a paddleboard: the fitness and crossfit lovers.

It’s all about you

Are you thinking about starting your own SUPcross Park, or you already have a SUP rental company and you want to know more about successfully operating your own SUP obstacle course? Just ask for our free guide with tips and tricks on how to cash in with your SUPcross Park.