About Us

Who are we?

Even though this website is all about you, and about how SUPcross can help you start or develop your SUP business, some of you may want to know a little bit more about the company and it’s background as well.

About us and the SUPcross

So how does a concept like this came to live you may wonder?

Some 12 years ago the founder of the SUPcross obstacle courses started with manufacturing and selling bouncy castles with his best friend on a very small scale, in their parents’ garage. After a couple of years more and more rental companies started to turn to them to purchase commercial bouncy castles with differentiating new themes, colors and shapes.

At first it were just small rental companies from Holland and Germany that somehow got wind of these 2 young guys that were making these unique new types of bouncy castles. After a while more and more event companies, sport clubs and councils inquired their products and eventually a commercial building was found to operate from and to meet the increased demand for their bouncy castles.

By staying innovative and consistently developing new concepts and innovative products, the company took on its first employees and kept growing. Advertising inflatables were soon added and became a big part of the overall business, with customers like Red Bull, Mercedes, Audi, KFC, Burger King, McDonalds, Unicef and Disney. Customers from Holland, Belgium and Germany had been responsible for nearly all sales in the first 5 years, but soon enough new opportunities in countries like France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the UK popped up.

In the meanwhile another building was constructed, and more and more staff was taken on to keep up with the fast growth of the company. With a strong focus on constant innovation and improving process, the company thrived from 2009-2012, a time where most other European inflatables manufacturers closed doors. In 2013 the company officially became the biggest manufacturer of inflatables in Europe, measured by revenue, stock level, and brand awareness. After having developed numerous new concepts and products, Roland Baks, the co-founder of the company, first came across Stand Up Paddling through a friend.

During a business trip in Miami he tried SUP for the first time, and enjoyed it intensely. It was love on the first sight, and the combination of water sports, nature, and exercise immediately got him hooked, hooked for life. As his inflatables company kept growing and kept developing new inflatables, Roland felt there was something missing. What slowly went missing was the love and excitement for his products. This love had always sparked the success and innovation of the company, but after having build Europe’s biggest inflatables manufacturer, it became more and more about HR, contracts, logistics and finance.

A newly adapted healthy lifestyle (50 lbs weightloss in 3 years), a new focus on both life and business appeared. Immediately the inner fire returned! Roland knew he wanted to use his experience and skill with inflatables to create a better and cooler experience for paddlers by creating floating SUPcross parks. Such SUPcross parks would enable operators of these parks to make more money on paddleboard rentals, and its users would enhance their paddling experience. After testing some prototypes over the years, new designs were made and a concept was created. With the help of many people from within the SUP industry, ranging from SUP race champions to personal fitness trainers, this has lead to what you now see before you: the world’s only SUPcross park company, where you can even create your own custom floating SUPcross park in just a couple of minutes!

Give your feedback about us and SUPcross

If you have any ideas or tips, we very much welcome them. So don’t be shy and email or call us today! After all, this concept wouldn’t have seen the daylight without the input and feedback from the SUP community, concerned with moving the SUP scene forward. It’s not about us, it’s about you and your SUP business!
The company’s mission is to make Stand Up Paddling and SUP racing appealing to everybody around the world, and to make SUPcross (excercise) an integral part of the fitness and leisure industry.